We’re Building for the Future

Phase I of the Enrich, Inspire, Ignite! campaign, from 2011-2016, raised $18 million in Annual Fund, endowment and capital improvement projects. Since 2016, we’ve quietly raised over $14 million for Phase II of this campaign to support the atrium project, new field lights, endowment and, now, the Bachmann Collaboration Building.

Our Goals

With $32 million raised over the last seven years, we know our community’s commitment to Prep’s future is strong. Looking toward June 2020, we hope to raise an additional $4 to $5 million before the Bachmann Collaboration Building’s completion, in addition to sustaining $1.7 million dollars in Annual Fund revenue each year.

Your Part

Join us.

The Bachmann Collaboration Building is Peter’s love letter to all the people—students and alumni, faculty and staff, parents and parents of alumni, friends and colleagues—that he has always put before himself. Help us honor him in return by realizing his goal by June 2020.

We will never again have a headmaster like Peter Bachmann. Your gift to this campaign is the best way to honor Peter Bachmann’s decades of extraordinary vision and service to Flintridge Prep.

Learn More About Our Initiatives

Recognizing that science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics mutually enforce flexible, creative, fail-forward thinking, Prep’s STEAM program encourages students and faculty to collaborate across the curriculum to solve problems.

With enhanced electives, collaborative coursework, outreach networking and student involvement inspired by Prep’s long-term partnerships with institutions outside the US, the Global Studies initiative aims to change how students think about the world.

Anchored by a 5-year curriculum that helps students understand their leadership style and undertake leadership opportunities, the Leadership program provides dedicated support for existing student programs in government, athletics and service.