The Trustee Challenge:

Turn $1.5 Million into $3 Million

Join us in our effort to fund and complete the Bachmann Collaboration Building in 2020. Alumni, current parents and parents of alumni are being challenged to donate to the Bachmann Collaboration Building. Our campaign co-chairs will match up to a total of $1.5 million from the rest of the community.


Up to $500,000 will be matched by
Orsi and Jeff Crawford ’86
(parents of Jack ’20 and C.J.)

Current Parent

Up to $500,000 will be matched by
Kris Anne and Mike Gitlin
(parents of Max ’20, Sophie ’18 and Wyatt ’16)

Parents of

Up to $500,000 will be matched by
Kim Kenne and Rich Webster
(parents of Abby ’17 and Will ’14)

The Rules

  • The challenge match runs from April 1, 2019 through June 2020.

  • To qualify for the challenge match, you must have already made a gift to the Annual Fund during the fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).

  • You must designate an additional gift to the Bachmann Collaboration Building, which will be matched.

  • Your gift will receive a one-for-one match in a single challenge category, determined as follows:
    • Gifts from alumni will be counted in the Alumni Challenge.
    • Gifts from non-alumni Prep parents with a child currently attending Prep will be counted in the Current Parent Challenge.
    • Gifts from non-alumni Prep parents with no children currently attending Prep will be counted in the Parents of Alumni Challenge.
  • You may make multiple gifts throughout the challenge. All gifts will be matched according to the above rules.

About the Bachmann Collaboration Building

Nearly 30 years ago, Peter Bachmann laid out a vision for Prep. He put people first and focused on human development, not just academic achievement. These core values have become integral to Prep’s culture and are what make our school truly exceptional for our students, alumni, faculty, parents and greater community. Peter has strengthened our facilities and finances, putting the school on excellent footing for his successor.

Now there’s only one thing left on his to-do list—to complete the Collaboration Building, a project that is near to his heart. The three-story building represents values that were there in Peter’s blueprint those 30 years ago—collaboration, grit, understanding the world from many perspectives, leadership.

We’re committed to honoring Peter’s legacy by ensuring that the building is completed in 2020. There will never be another opportunity in our lifetime to give in honor of such a deserving leader. The Trustee Challenge allows you to give generously and maximize your commitment with a match.

Why Do I Need to Make a Gift to the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund provides the critical day-to-day funding that makes Flintridge Prep an amazing school. It supports salaries, scholarships, athletics, arts and all the underpinnings that faculty and students need to be successful.

Under Peter’s leadership, the school has maintained robust annual giving. Last year marks the sixth year in a row that the Annual Fund has been over $1.5 million, an achievement on which Prep’s annual budget is based. We need to continue that momentum while also fulfilling the goal of funding the Collaboration Building. We’re asking our community to continue to give generously to the Annual Fund and extend their generosity to the Bachmann Collaboration Building.